I've always worn two hats as a teacher and writer.

As a teacher of writing and of public speaking, I specialize in helping my students and clients speak and write from the heart. Truly figuring out what you want to write or say is both harder and easier than it sounds--harder because it takes lots of revision and patience, but easier because you don't realize how hard you're working when it's something you truly want to express!


I've also taught a range of writing and speaking courses, including business communications for MBAs. I think of myself as simultaneously supportive and demanding.


Another passion is creating writing-and-speaking centers for business schools. The New York Times covered my "audience dog" program (which pairs patient pooches with panicked presenters) with both an article by Nicholas Fandos in EdLife and A.J. Chavar's video which to date has had 2.2 million views. Fandos has gone on to cover the Trump administration with regular front-page stories, but we all know without the dogged investigative experience gained by covering Copper and the other dogs of American University he wouldn't be where he is today.

The successful business communications center that I created and directed at American University was written up in BizEd, the magazine for business school deans. I've consulted with the b-schools of the University of Hartford, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of Denver on how to improve their students' writing & speaking. 

As a writer, I've published poems and essays in dozens of literary journals. My commentaries have aired on several different public radio shows.


A. J. Chavar's delightful video about our audience dog program is among the most popular New York Times videos of 2016. Contains footage and stills by the very talented Jason Brandon.

Talking with a faculty member after an "assignment makeover" workshop for the faculty of  Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Business. 

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